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Smash UFD app for Android: working again!

November 19, 2023 — MetalMusicMan

Sometimes, you spend 2-3 months troubleshooting a SUPER WEIRD bug, finally give in and give up, then immediately find out the extremely weird cause of the issue like a week later... looool. Anyway, the working update is on the Android/Google Play Store now :)

"Aw, Snap!" Errors Fixed

November 17, 2023 — MetalMusicMan

There was a super weird bug in Webkit browsers (Edge, Chrome, etc.) that was causing only the Smash character pages to crash (not the SF pages). The issue did not crash non-webkit browsers (Firefox). It was difficult for me to replicate or even notice the issue, as it appeared to not affect cached pages, or perhaps my webkit browsers were not updated to whatever latest patch caused this issue.

However, I was recently able to replicate it and it turns out that the issue was... *drumroll* ...the CSS property "word-break" being set to the deprecated value of "break-word". Absolutely insane. Bonkers. Unhinged. Googlepls. W H A T?!

I realize that this sounds wrong, idiotic, and impossible. It is also exactly what happened.

I would like to thank @zach_sparkle, @legisssb, and @nanafan05 for bringing this issue to my attention and helping me figure out how to replicate it.

I am actually very curious if this odd bug is what has been causing all of my woes with the Smash Android app. I do not have time to look into that right now, but I will as soon as I have time.

Smash UFD Android App: Unsupported Until Further Notice

November 8, 2023 — MetalMusicMan

My apologies for the delay in addressing the issues with the Smash UFD app for Android. I think at this point, I need to officially declare it indefinitely unsupported.

The issues have something to do with new versions of Android Web View and/or Android System updates... I think? However, it has proven exceptionally difficult to debug, because the app runs perfectly fine in the Android Studio Emulator. I can test it on any device and it never crashes. It only crashes on live devices. Furthermore, I never changed anything about the way it was set up, it's just a simple web view of local HTML. I just woke up one day and some Android updates had caused it to crash, that's about all I know.

I hope to be able to fix the issues in the future, but I am not sure when or if that will be possible. Unfortunately, I have been quite busy IRL, and due to the nebulous nature of the issue, I do not have an ETA on when I will be able to address it.

This does not affect the UFD site, I will maintain support of this site as usual.

Add the site to your phone's home screen for quick access!

Huzzah! Progressive Web App things!


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