Street Fighter 6
Smash Ultimate

Street Fighter 6 Patch Updates

February 27, 2024 — MetalMusicMan

Updates from the February 27, 2024 patch for SF6 are live on the site now, including Ed's frame data and hitboxes. Here are some comparison images for adjusted moves from Rashid, JP, Chun Li, Ken, Luke, and AKI.

Smash Ultimate hitbox images can now be toggled to display by Hitbox ID

February 10, 2024 — MetalMusicMan

UFD now supports toggling Hitbox display by Hitbox ID for all Smash Ultimate characters! Thanks @Zeckemyro for doing the hitboxes, but more importantly for pestering me to create the swap script for the last year or so -- sorry it took me so long.

Add the site to your phone's home screen for quick access!

Huzzah! Progressive Web App things!


You can find more information about each game by clicking the "?" icon at the top of each game's landing page. It has frame data notes and descriptions and such!

Created by MetalMusicMan. Follow @ultframedata if you just want UFD updates in your feed. Forever big thanks to Zeckemyro for Smash Ultimate hitboxes, frame data, and more! Thanks to Giefkid for being an automation wizard.

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